September 2023

Dillon Pang joins the lab as a Junior Specialist, and Madeline McCanne starts her rotation in the lab. Welcome!

The lab also bids farewell for now to An and Manu as they head back to their respective campuses for the fall term.  Thank you for all your contributions to starting the lab!

May-June 2023

Alex Morse joins as the lab as a Junior Specialist, and An Nguyen, Manu Prabandham, and Meredith Fenyo start as undergraduate researchers. Welcome all!

The team quickly notches a win with its first Incucyte assay! 

April 2023

The Kamber Lab opens at UCSF! 

Boxes arrive! Roarke also presents at the Keystone Symposium on Myeloid Cells, the Laboratory for Genomic Research, and the BARI retreat.